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Post  Wheatley on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:00 pm

These are the rules of the forum.Violation of these rules (depending on how often you break them, how bad it was, etc.) will get you banned. BE WARNED. Even if I'm friends with you or something, if you're a huge troublemaker that PURPOSELY makes trouble and does it over and over, you WILL be banned, so don't think that if you gain the admin's trust or friendship I will let you break rules willy-nilly. Thank you. /... Hopes I don't sound harsh. DX
1. No swearing. Swordbird is written for kids, and therefore it is likely we'll have young members at this forum. Plus even to some older people many swear words are downright offensive. The word crap is allowed (I don't know if anyone really considers this swearing... I doubt many, lol. though if any member has a problem with this word, send me a PM about it and I will change it so that crap is no longer allowed) but damn, ass, and hell, even though some might consider them more minor or something, are NOT allowed. If there's a word you are unsure of PM me and I will tell you if I think it's all right or not. Any swearing posted will be edited out. Also, don't do stuff like d@mn. Everyone knows what you mean. There's really no difference.
2. No spamming. You ARE NOT allowed to spam, no matter what. End of story. You are ESPECIALLY not allowed to spam just to get your post count up (though I don't see why you would even care about that considering... post count means nothing but whatever, some people seem to like post count I guess. xP)
3. No multiple accounts. It's harder to keep track of. I don't see why you'd want more than one anyway, but... I've seen people do that at other places sometimes. *Shrug* Also, I can check your IP Address to see if you've made multies, so don't think you can sneak it, if you do make multies I'll eventually find out. And if someone with the same IP address (like if they're a sibling or something) as you joined/wants to join tell me they are just on the same IP address so I won't think you have multies. Smile
4. Please put really big pictures in spoiler tabs. Some computers start to mess up if there is a really big picture on a page, and besides, I don't think anyone page stretching or scrolling down a ton just because of a picture. xD
5. Any and all fanfics that might be posted have to be appropriate. Same with pictures or anything you might link to. Or really... anything here has to be appropriate, period. If you're not sure about a fic's content PM me about it and I will tell you if I think it's okay to post it or not. Some blood in a fic or something is fine, but nothing really bad like major gore or anything. Also if a fic is really long and would stretch the page, put it in a spoiler tab.
6. Don't double post unless an hour has passed, but don't just post again to boost your thread up or something. If you actually have something that you want to post that is of importance that you don't want to just edit onto your last post because people might not see that or something (a thread is going down) then go ahead, but again, ONLY if an hour has passed.
8. Respect the rules... for obvious reasons. XD Also respect the admin (A.K.A. me. LOL Razz)
7. Stay on-topic at all costs, please... for example don't go to the Swordbird discussion thread and start talking again Sword Quest. xD That sort of thing haha Smile
Any questions about the rules? Any rule suggestions? PM me. :3 Thanks!

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