Piplock the Goldfinch

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Piplock the Goldfinch Empty Piplock the Goldfinch

Post  Wheatley on Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:02 pm

Piplock is a female goldfinch, and member of the Sundown tribe of goldfinches. Piplock is quite young, but she is spunky and always ready to learn and help out her tribe -- or anyone, really. Piplock has a high-pitched, but sweet, childish voice, and though she can be quite immature, when needed, she can act as brave or as smart as a full-grown bird. She wears a necklace that is a silver chain with, in the middle,a gemstone: An opal to be exact.

(LolrandomOCmadejusttojoinSundowntribe. xD But that's okay right haha? Lol Smile Kinda too short IMO, but ehh like Soreawk I guess it's good enough Razz)

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