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Soreawk the Blue Jay Empty Soreawk the Blue Jay

Post  Wheatley on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:55 am

Soreawk is a friend of Lucky and Crystal-heart, and a blue jay of the Stone-Run Forest tribe. He is the son of Aska and Cody. Though he IS a good flier, no one can doubt that, he's extremely proud of it -- TOO proud of it -- and likes to show off constantly. But get to know him, and you'll find that deep down he's not quite as snobbish as he might seem. Really competitive with Avian, another good flier, one to challenge him, and has a crush on Water-wings.

(Meh. I kinda wanted a little more here but this is good I guess... Razz Already used him in RP because I was too lazy to make him a thread before haha, so I decided I better make him one now, before I forget ROFL xD)

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