Half-Cloud, Glass-Feathers and Olive-Toes

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Half-Cloud, Glass-Feathers and Olive-Toes

Post  FalconMajesty on Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:27 pm

Name - Half-Cloud

Species - peafowl

Gender - female

Description - She is a farmer, but she still wears a lovely metallic dark blue robe with a gold lining and wears a very simple gold necklace with three rows of dark sapphires and a gold bracelet with one row of dark sapphires.

History - she was born as the daughter of a tribe leader but he left, for unknown reasons

Picture -

Other- She longs more than anything to have chicks and to see them grow up.


Name - Glass-feathers

Species - fairy tern

Gender - female

Description - her flight feathers are translucent in sun or moonlight. She wears a wide platimun necklace with layers of amythests and topazes.

History - since fairy terns lay their eggs on bare branches, she was lucky to even have hatched instead of getting eaten by a skink before breaking out of her shell.

Picture -


Name - Olive-Toes

Species - goldfinch

Gender - female

Description - she wears a metallic pink robe and plays an ivory violin.

History - very little is known abotu her history but it is known that she raised herself and was forced to be a beggarbird and to play her violin for food.

Picture -

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Re: Half-Cloud, Glass-Feathers and Olive-Toes

Post  Wheatley on Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:22 pm

Looks GREAT Very Happy Approved Wink

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