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The leader and the servent Empty The leader and the servent

Post  Iceytalons on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:25 am

NAME : Pension

AGE: 2 years


SPECIES: Indian peafowl

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION; He has light blue feathers that cover his entire body. He has a long train of tail feathers that hand down behind him. When they are spread out, they look like thousands of eyes. There are a few black feathers here and there as well. He has light brown eyes. He wears a black rob like his friend talons.

PERSONALITY: Unlike his dark master, he has a shy persona. His only wish is to do every thing in his power to make his master happy. He talks very soft almost as if he is afraid that he may say the wrong thing.

HISTORY: he grew up in a quiet home. However, when he was just getting ready to leave his nest something happened to him. An evil bird attacked his home. Said bird then took him as a prisoner. Over the months, he slowly learned to love his master despite his temperament. Now he spends his time doing everything his master wants him to do.

Quote: Yes, master anything for you master talons.

Name: Talons

Gender:[/] Male

Red tallied hawk

Age: 3 years

Physical Description: When most see talons they do not think much about him. He is rather small for a hawk. He has brown and grey feathers on his body. He has ice blue colored eyes and long sharp claws. He often wears a black rob with a hood that covers his face.

Personality: For the most part talons is very hate full to any who get around him. He likes to torment others and make them fear him. He also is very paranoid thinking that everyone is out to get him. This fact just adds to his dark aptitude. He has times when he can be very violent and will try to kill anyone who tries to stand in his way. There is another side to him though. This is the side who wants nothing more then to find someone who will treat him with respect and trust him. Getting him to show that side is a challenge though. The only one he is kind to is his patner pensoin

History: Talons was born in to a band of thieves. He spent much of his young life trying to fit in with the other chicks. He soon found that due to his lack of being nice that they wanted nothing to do with him. So he left the gang as soon as he could. He spent months drifting from one place to another. Now he plots to try and destroy everything that reminds him of his dark past.with the help of his ever loyal patner, of course.

Quote : why don’t you just go find another soul to bother with all of your talk of peace ?


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The leader and the servent Empty Re: The leader and the servent

Post  Wheatley on Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:35 am

COOL charries! Wink And everything looks good here, accepted, feel free to RP :3 ^_^

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