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Crystal-heart the Peahen Empty Crystal-heart the Peahen

Post  Wheatley on Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:35 pm

Crystal-heart is a peahen of no tribe, and a friend of Lucky and her "band" (I suppose you would say haha) of friends. Crystal-heart is somewhat fancy: She likes jewelry (she wears an emerald-and-ruby necklace, has a two bracelets, one gold, the other silver, both on her left leg) and she also has a purple robe, aligned with gold and has some red smudges. But despite her... obsession with fashion (lol Smile) she has a very kind heart. She's always willing to make new friends and help out. Formerly evil (because she had been the mate of the evil peacock Fire-foot) a friendship with Lucky, and a secret she found out about her past made her become good.

Once again, I just made this so you guys can get to know her. Razz I'll do that with all my OCs.

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