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Post  Wheatley on Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:54 pm

Lucky is a robin of the Waterthorn tribe. She wears a cowboy (er... cowgirl? Razz) style hat that is light orange. When an evil peacock, Fire-foot, attacked her tribe, Lucky wanted to take immediate action. So she set out to Stone-Run Forest to get help from their old friends, the blue jays and the cardinals, and on her way found Turnatt's death place. There she found a shard of Swordbird's blade. Through it she could talk to the ancient hero, the son of the Great Spirit. Through the broken piece of his sword, he guided Lucky, and her new band of friends who were going to help her defeat Fire-foot. At first, Lucky had been somewhat asocial (and still is when first meeting new birds) but quickly warmed up to her new friends because of their kindness. Lucky is also very brave and loyal, and after the death of the former Waterthorn tribe leader, Lucky became the ruler of her tribe.

And now I officially approve my own character. XD I thought I might as well make a thread for her so you all can get to know about her a bit ^_^

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